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I'm a game designer living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Poglings is a cute, pet simulation, creature collecting adventure! Evolve, breed, and race cute mysterious creatures known as Poglings. A prototype we brought to life and to a successful kickstarter.

Worked on game design, system design, ideation and project planning.

Read and watch more about it here:

Right Nice Party!
A party game in the vein of Super Mario Party, developed for multiple platforms and its own twist to the party board game formula. In development.
Game designer, I worked on overall concept, prototyping, mechanics, systems, narrative, prototyping, planning and overall direction as lead.
Watch the trailer here:
Steam page:

Skylar&Plux 2!
A not yet released sequel to Skylar & Plux Adventure on Clover Island.

Game designer, worked on movement, enemy, ability, and progression design

Other work

It Takes Two

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My name is Kristoffer, I'm a game designer living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I really love the design part of game dev, working with gameplay, creating systems, and building that fun and great feeling for the player through iteration. I want players to feel like they grow.

The game pillars in a project can vary but my personality pillars are that I listen and communicate to understand, I'm analytical, creative-minded, curious to solve challenges and have a sense of if things feel or look good.

I've had a previous career in another type of design, as an R&D mechanical engineer, where I had the responsibility and central role of a rather complex system of parts. It has taught me a lot about the development process, communication, problem-solving, and delivering high quality.

I love games and gaming of course and I play all sorts of games because I like novelty and experiencing new and exciting things. I love hanging out with people and I have a hard time leaving old electronics or new fancy software alone. Oh yeah, I used to be an athletic swimmer as well, so there's some discipline under there as well ;).

Thanks for looking at my work and I hope I get to meet you!

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