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My name is Kristoffer, I'm a game designer living in Stockholm, working as a lead designer at the indie studio Right Nice Games.

I really love the design part of game dev, working with gameplay, creating systems, and through iteration building that fun and great feeling experience for the player.

The game pillars can vary but my personality pillars are that I listen and communicate to understand, I'm analytical, creative minded, and curious to solve problems and have a sense for if things feel or look good.

I've had a previous career in another type of design, as an R&D mechanical engineer, where I had the responsibility and central role of a rather complex system of parts. It has taught me tonnes about the development process, communication, problem-solving, and delivering high quality.

I love games and gaming of course and play all sorts of games because I like novelty and experience new exciting things. I love hanging out with people and I have a hard time leaving old electronics or new fancy software alone. Oh yeah, I used to be an athletic swimmer as well.

Thanks for looking at my work and I hope I get to meet you!

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