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Game info

Role:  Game Designer

Date:  Okt 2019

Time:  9 days

Team:  7 People (3 Designers)

Genre:  Top down arena fighter

Engine:  Unreal Engine 4

United is a 2 vs 2 top-down arena fighter game, where you try to push the other team off a collapsing platform by throwing yourself into them.

The unique selling point of United is that you're in a team where one player aims and shoots themselves onto the enemy to try to push them off, while the other player moves/dodges and needs to pull back the first player to reset the loop.

It's high action and hectic gameplay with a lot of laughs and close calls, and the stakes are increased even more when the platform you are standing on starts to collapse!

One player throws themselves like a projectile

And the other pulls them back!


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